When it comes to looking picture perfect Ashley Graham is the ideal person to give advice.  So when someone who is not a size two, gives recommendations on how to take the perfect selfie we are all hears!

Ashley Graham’s Advise On How-to Take The Perfect Selfie

Ashley Graham's Advise On How-to Take The Perfect Selfie Younger Skinny main 1


  1. Start by taking your selfie down low at a low angle! Why didn’t we think of that??
  2. Take Selfie in Snapchat, they have the coolest flitters.
  3. Touch your hair, make it a little looser… Wow, that looks so sexy!
  4. If you find yourself surrounded by overhead lighting, work it! In other words, find your best light!
  5. Kill the duck face…It’s over.

Thanks, Ashley! 

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